Weighing system software

What software do weighing systems work with?

Belt Scale Software

Information related to conveyor weighing system software

  • Providing a small industrial computer with the ability to communicate with 5 weighing systems.
  • Weighing systems can be connected to a computer by an RS485 cable and a hub.
  • All the information on the weighing screens can be displayed and stored on the computer. Information such as Rate – Total – Shift Total – Speed – Set point.
  • Saving Rate in each second, in time unit for drawing the graph.
  • Saving information daily in a separate file for review.
  • Sending information text messages to the designated numbers.
  • Connection to the factory network for viewing from any other authorized computer.
  • The possibility of recovering information on the Internet from anywhere inside the country or abroad.
  • Checking charts – adding or subtracting some charts to check the production items.