Innovation and creativity along with academic knowledge and experience are the honors of Kian Sanat

Industrial automation is a piece of cake

Implementation of weighing equipment

One of the most important products of Kian Sanat company is weighing equipment, which includes all types of load cells and monitoring software as well as automatic material unloading systems at the beginning and end of the production line.

We claim accuracy in measurement

Automatic and semi-automatic production of bag fillings at the end of the line, with high accuracy and no mistakes

The highest production frequency among our machines are automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines that pack powder materials, large and small solid materials, and liquids with high precision, this frequency and experience have led to overcoming all the problems and needs of users, and today we consider ourselves to be a contender in this group of products. We have achieved high-quality products by relying on our efforts, knowledge, and our customers’ trust.

We started our activity in 1997, planning for production independently. Today we thank almighty God, that our dream has come true.

We build this world with endless love

Grant your business the world-class accuracy and power

Production of all types of shock blasters Silos, hoppers, and powder tanks

Get rid of the most important problems regarding the storage of materials in tanks, using world-class methods, with guaranteed quality of course, that you can ask our old customers about, and better yet, it will cost you much less since it is the result of Kian Sanat experts’ efforts and perseverance. We claim world-class quality with great dedication and hard work. Thank God we have wonderful customers and companions who confirm this claim and speak well of us.

The first manufacturer of bitumen filling machine in Jumbo Bag

Bitumen Filling Machine

One of the honors of Kian Sanat Group, and a sign of our technical knowledge and continuous efforts, is the production of bitumen packaging machines, which are fully in accordance with the world’s knowledge, have excellent quality, and are 100% Iranian. This machine is the final and optimized example of the bitumen filling series in the company’s Jumbo Bag, which has been considered by many domestic and foreign media. This is proof of our capability and interest in our industrial field.

Official representative of Ceylan Makina of Turkey in Iran

For more than 40 years, Ceylan Makina has been developing with its understanding of service and quality and an approach focused on consumer needs and environmental awareness. It has been providing the end user with unique services, side by side with its employees, vendors, and contractors, and continues its efforts to achieve the goal of becoming a global brand, keeping its values and with no change, in the domestic and internationally competitive market.

The following are the features of this company:

  • A large share in the spare parts production
  • The pioneering approach in after-sales service
  • High-quality products and services
  • Quality instructions and guidelines
  • Advanced technical infrastructures

Design of automation systems

Among the old companies and industries and their investments for remaining in the future market, Kian Sanat group’s most important services include the design of automation systems, providing the tools required for an advanced production line such as packaging machines and twine. A fully engineered line, not needing foreign companies and preventing conflicts caused by sanctions and lack of basic goods required for future maintenance and repair.

A companion to the specialized industries of Iran.

Up-to-date equipment and technologies that were exclusively available to European companies in the past are now being implemented by domestic experts. These equipment and materials cover domestic needs at much lower prices. They cover all processes, from the beginning of the production process to the advanced monitoring room used in specialized factories.