Weigh feeder conveyor weighing

Weigh feeders and conveyor weighing systems are used in mines, cement factories, ceramic tile factories, steel industries, road construction, glass factories, petrochemicals, plastic industries, agricultural industries, animal feed, plastic industries, food and pharmaceutical industries, ports, and wharves, and many other industries to weigh and control transit materials that are transported through conveyors.

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Belt weigher-Weigh feeder

To achieve proper precision, the metal structure and the number and capacity of the load cells should be selected based on engineering calculations and after receiving complete information about the conveyor. For this reason, a special questionnaire for each conveyor is received from the customer before offering the price.

They consist of three main parts:

  • Mechanical module (structure) of weighing that includes load cells.
  • (Speed transmitter) speedometer
  • Weighing controller

Characteristics of the weighing system:

  • Stainless Steel Load cell class C3 and C4 standard: IP 68
  • Operating air temperature: -40 to +60 Celsius degrees
  • Jbox for connecting load cells
  • Load cells Capacity from 50 to 500 kg
  • Encoder or proxy type speedometer
  • Intent Plus weight display and controller

Features of this system:

  • Using 4 or 6 load cells for more accurate weighing.
  • Can be installed on all tapes with different widths and different speeds.
  • Fast installation, in about 3 hours, and minimum stoppage on the production line.
  • Special design with high mechanical strength.
  • The proposed collection’s display can send information to the computer and PLC.
  • Several different types of calibers will be implemented according to the facilities of the factories.
  • Software for storing information and drawing production diagrams (OPTION).
  • Can be installed on conveyor belts with speeds from 0.1 to 3 meters per second.
  • Can be installed and operated on inclined strips up to 35 degrees (based on the material’s degree of freedom).
  • Stability of weighing system.
  • Weighing accuracy equal to ±0.5%.

Weigh feeder

Weigh feeders are used to continuously weigh passing and moving materials along with controlling the speed of the belt to reach a predetermined amount.

Suitable for:

  • Entering the furnace
  • Entering the mill
  • Feeding materials such as clinker, gypsum, additives, and even dust output from bag filters
  • Material mixing plans for processing factories

Tape weighing display

Features of the weight display:

  • LCD Controller with high resolution and accuracy
  • Having four programmable shift counters and 24V pulse output for PLC
  • Analog output for communication with the central control system
  • Analog output for changing the engine speed to FC
  • Analog input for receiving Set Point from the central system
  • Supporting Profi-Bus and Mod-Bus industrial networks

Samples of some products of Kian Sanat Company

In the field of tape weighing systems

Samples of some products of Kian Sanat Company

Belt weigher-Weigh feeder