Types of weighing systems

Weighing tank / Hopper

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weighing tank / Hopper

The weighing system, inventory control, and determining the level of the tanks are done according to the tanks’ capacity. This is performed by placing the load cell under the bases and using special mountings and holders. High accuracy is one of the advantages of this system.

Some of its capabilities are as follows:

  • Accurate inventory determination
  • Use of special retainers
  • The ability to see the material’s weight at any moment
  • Ability to adjust set point for specific weight as well as maximum and minimum
  • Ability to work as an Unloading
  • The ability to send inventory to the analog output command room
  • Ability to send commands to inlet and outlet valves
  • Load cells made of stainless steel and IP68
  • The ability to send information from the RS485 port

Capabilities in tile and ceramic industries

  • Ability to program formulas for different compound materials
  • Ability to define material names
  • The possibility of printing and reporting the invoice date and time, product number, batch number, weight values
  • Setting the values of low speed, high speed, positive tolerance, negative tolerance, overflow, discharge, etc.
  • Storing weight information and sending information to PLC
  • Reverse display of weight to inform the driver about the unloading amount
  • All types of programmable audio displays or LED displays
  • Connecting to an external display
  • The possibility of reporting and planning on the computer

Silo weighing/mixer weighing/reactor weighing

There is a special technique for measuring the weight of materials inside each tank, which uses the stabican, stabiflex, and silokit modules to convert the existing tank into a weighing system. In addition to the possibility of accessing a weighing system with high accuracy, these weighing modules cause a long life in such systems.

The following are the advantages of using this method:

  • Mixer input and output control
  • The ability to prepare a product with more than 15 combined ingredients
  • Ability to print and control the inventory and composition components
  • Ability to transfer information to a computer

Some sample images of silo, tank and hopper weighing products