Jumbo Bitumen Filling

Kian Sanat is the first manufacturer of automatic and semi-automatic jumbo filling systems for bitumen in Iran. It has implemented and localized the technical knowledge and strategic plans for the production of this equipment in Iran.

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Jumbo Bitumen Filling

Since most of the bitumen importing countries are developed countries, they often impose strict regulations on bitumen exporting countries. As a result, aside from having quality bitumen, exporting countries must have suitable systems for packing and transporting bitumen as well. The bitumen was packed and exported in metal barrels for a long time, before the production of the jumbo bitumen filling machine by experienced engineers of Iran. Nonetheless currently a tough and fresh competitor for metal barrels has entered the field of bitumen export, named Bitumen polybag or jumbo bag machine, due to some reason which will be discussed in the following.

The first and largest manufacturer of jumbo bitumen filling machines in the Middle East

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