Jumbo Bag filling / big bag filling

Big bag filling systems or Jumbo Bags are one of the most common and modern loading methods in factories producing aggregates or metallic and non-metallic mineral powders. By using this method, the subject of bulk loading is widely covered. Considering the advantages of this method, the safety of loading and transporting materials will be possible with a high percentage. Hereby, this engineering unit announces its ability to design, build and operate these fillings.

Jumbo Filling

Jumbo & Big Bag Filling Machines

In the filling system of these bags, it is possible to connect the suction flange of the device to the central filter of the factory so that the dust resulting from the fall of the material can be instantly dedusted.

It is noteworthy that after loading the amount determined by the electronic weighing system installed on the device, the stop command for material flow is issued, which immediately closes the sliding valve and the filled bag is ready for transfer.

Some envelope filling machines produced by Kian Sanat company

The envelope filling machines of Kian Sanat company, in addition to the latest technology in the world, benefit from high quality and suitable for the industrial conditions of Iran and the standards of domestic manufacturers.