Bag filter jet pulse controller

These controllers are used to increase the efficiency and improve the performance of industrial filters that work as jet pulse or bag hose.


Applications of jet pulse controller

Jet Pulse Controller

Control and connection capabilities of this system:

  • Ability to control 1024 independent valves (free contact)
  • Having a “ready” signal and sending it to the control system
  • Ability to control several separate filters with one controller
  • Ability to control it from the control room with all kinds of PLCs available in the factory
  • Digital adjustment of all parameters
  • Ability to adjust the pulse time from 0.1 to 1 second
  • The ability to set the time between two pulses (off time) from 1 second to 1 minute (or from 1 minute to 1 hour for the shock blaster controller)
  • Ability to adjust the number of required independent valves
  • Using the American 6000 PAC series plcs
  • Ability to connect to the pressure differential sensor (it is noteworthy that as soon as the pressure difference is removed, the system will return to????
  • Ability to connect to the pressure sensor in a way that when the input compressed air pressure is lower than the set value, the device stops, and the mentioned error code appear

Capabilities of the jet pulse controller system in the industrial frame

  • Highly protected against noise
  • Reliable design for use in various industries
  • After creating a pressure difference, the controller continues from the last activated valve while displaying the Pause error code
  • Ability to display the activated valve and relay for troubleshooting
  • Modular design
  • Having RS485, Ethernet BUS, and Profibus LAN network ports
  • The whole equipment is presented in an industrial frame with electrostatic paint.
  • Having a signal light on the door to announce an error
  • In the intelligent system, it can change the times between the pulses according to the pressure
  • The industrial frame has an upper sloping surface
  • The industrial frame is made of sheets with a diameter of 2 mm
  • The industrial frame has lighting inside the panel and can be equipped with a thermo-thermostat upon order.
  • Remote system reset capability
  • Protected against voltage changes in the inputs and outputs
  • The industrial frame has injection foam and rubber gasket around the door
  • Having a memory for the valve activation sequence in such a way that if one of the relay boards is defective or the electricity is disconnected, the process starts from the last valve after replacing the new board or reconnection of the electricity