Powder materials bag filling

The importance of packaging, accuracy of the bags’ weight, and loading speed prompted us to introduce our electronic filing systems to various industries.

Cement filling envelope/flour filling envelope

Powder materials bag filling

Cement bag filling, etc.

Impeller Packer

Some of its features are mentioned below:

  • Designing, manufacturing, installing, and operating inline or stationary bag fillings

  • Providing spare parts or peripheral equipment for factories’ bag fillings

  • Designing and manufacturing shut-off valves, pneumatic equipment, and replacement of electronic weighing equipment. The equipment is made according to the factory’s order by presenting the original pattern.

  • Optimizing, installing, and operating electronic weighing systems instead of old mechanical weighing systems in rotary packers

  • Design, construction, installation, and operation of Local Packing Plant locally and outside factories.

  • Providing engineering consultation regarding the fixation of bag filling systems.

  • This machine is suitable for filling bags weighing between 20 to 50 kg.

  • These fillings are designed with one to four valves (depending on the order) and the output of the machine can be increased up to 200 bags per hour.

  • Digital weighing system (load cell and electronic controller)

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