Bag filling

توزین سیلو / توزین هاپر

Bag filling machine

Open Mouth Bag Packer

Different devices are produced by the Kian Sanat company and receive a 10-year warranty and after-sales service as a market advantage. It is our customer-friendly feature that has enabled us to operate with a good reputation in the Iranian market for many years. We are proud of our executive and technical teams that keep their information up to date and participate in various exhibitions to make sure that our offered technology is fully in line with the world’s standards and provides our customers with the best and easiest implementation methods.

The bag filling is one of the products of Kian Sanat company, and its measuring and weighing parts are guaranteed with advanced industrial countries’ plans and standards regarding the equipment. Therefore, all the products in this category have long-term warranties and golden after-sales services, which shows our confidence regarding these filling bags.

Sample images of some devices

Kian Sanat Co., Ltd. bag filler