Batching Weighing System

Sensitivity in the composition and mixture of raw materials is essential for obtaining special compounds in minerals, livestock, poultry, and aquatic food, and it should be performed with accurate weight. In this regard, we suggest batching (automatic mixing plan) to the industries.

Features of the missing plan:

  • Using European and American technologies, batching systems will be able to store a large number of formulas in their memory and start working both manually and automatically. In automatic mode, the operator only needs to enter the number of each batch in each formula in the system at the beginning of their shift and start it.
  • Another feature of this system is calculating the load on the air. It means, that upon completing the loading of each material and disconnecting the steering wheel, there is an amount of air load that has not been calculated, this system corrects the excess amount in the next batch.
  • Another advantage of this system is the continuation of the batch after disconnecting electricity.
  • The software and file management system enables you to check the consumption of raw materials, and products as well as the number of formulas on any particular day by referring to past dates and including required changes.