Air Sweep System

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How Air Sweep System works in the production line

Air Sweep System

The Air Sweep System is used to sweep materials from the inner surface of the tanks and also to prevent materials from bridging in the exit valve. The necessity of this tool in the production lines of powdery materials such as plaster, cement, petrochemical raw materials, granular materials, and in short, any type of material that somehow has a habit of filling the exit valve of tanks or a habit of bridging is undeniable. All the stages of Air Sweep System installation and repair are carried out without emptying the materials inside the tank or stopping the production line, and this makes the repair and maintenance process easy and more affordable. This tool is designed in such a way that the technical personnel of every factory can easily use it or even service it periodically when necessary. Kian Sanat company provides all parts of this device with a warranty and after-sales service.

Air Sweeper

Every manufacturing plant that uses tanks for the storage of powder and solid materials should consider installing a number of devices, one of the most widely used of which is this air sweeper. Although other devices such as load cells for measuring and weighing tanks to obtain a certain amount of production or having a shock blaster to prevent materials from being loaded is a necessity, however, Air Sweep System is still a very ideal and necessary option due to its reasonable price and its production and support by Kian Industry company.